A great diversity of cultures have left their mark on the islands. And that has given rise to fabulous flavours and contrasts that can be appreciated in most of the typical dishes, such as the appetising wrinkly potatoes with ‘mojo picón’ spicy sauce. Another of the star products in the Canary Islands and also an ingredient in many recipes is ‘gofio’. Made from toasted cereals, such as corn and wheat, it dates back to the times of the first settlers.

Canary Islands gastronomy makes extensive use of local vegetables, such as in the watercress stew, corn on the cob with potatoes and ribs, or stuffed courgettes. Another top product in island recipes is fish, especially dishes made with endemic species such as the parrotfish, with its delicate flavour, wreckfish, grouper or Atlantic horse mackerel. There are also a broad variety of desserts and cakes, irresistible for the sweet-toothed. The delicious ‘bienmesabes’ and ‘Príncipe Albertos’ from La Palma, ‘leche asada’ from La Gomera, and ‘quesillos’, ‘frangollos’ and ‘quesadillas’ from El Hierro.